Every day sports and nutrition for everybody with anybody. Whether you’re into stretching, strolling, sumo lifts or swimming, we’ve got great advice for everyone of any fitness level.

We approach your fitness differently; holistically. Our team of naturopaths and fitness experts work together to assess all aspects of your health – daily habits, nutrition, exercise regime and self-care routine to devise recommendations best suited to your goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle or even just start exercising, we have fitness advice and solutions built just for you.


Project Earth is here to make a difference. Here to help recycling, here to stop landfill and plastic in the sea.

With a range of solutions, from thermo bottles to eco shopping bags, we offer people new choices so they can play their part in reducing waste.

We have hand picked some of the best quality eco products from around the world, designed to last and use over and over again.

Welcome to Project Earth. Here for you and here for many more tomorrows.


We get that your nutrition is unique to you. That’s why we provide a diverse range of fitness supplements to suit every goal, physical activity level and lifestyle.

Our quality range of supplements includes great tasting whey and plant-based protein powder blends, amino acids, pre-workout stimulants, post-workout recovery, meal replacements and more to help you achieve your fitness goals and choose healthy living every day.

We believe in fitness for the marathon of everyday life, not just the quick sprint. That’s why our team of fitness experts will only recommend the sports and nutrition solutions that best fit your goals and long-term health. What does this mean? If it won’t help you achieve everyday fit, we won’t recommend it.

We understand that an ‘ideal’ level of fitness is different for everyone and changes over time.That’s why, regardless of your fitness stage, we’re here. Here to help meet your goals, treat unforeseen injuries and boost your vitality through everyday fitness. Whether you’re a professional power-lifter, yoga lover or total beginner, we have advice and recommendations for everyone.

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