Franjo’s Kitchen Tanker Topper Choc Chip Biscuits Cylinders 250g


Powerhouse lactation cookies!

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Product Description

Assists with breastmilk production
Nourishing and delicious
Help load you and your baby up with vitamins, minerals and good fats
Our powerhouse tanker topper lactation cookies are nourishing and delicious.

Full of natural galactagogues* oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds. Along with the superfood’s chia seeds, coconut oil and buckwheat flour our Tankers not only help you ‘fill up your tanks’ whilst breastfeeding but also load you & your baby up with vitamins, minerals & good fats during this time.

‘Galactogugue’ is a Greek word for substances that promotes lactation.
Can assist with
Providing a nutritious and nourishing snack for pregnant women.

Manufactured in Australia
Recommended adult dosage
Munch on 2-3 Tanker Toppers daily.

Did you know
Franjo’s Kitchen is a collaboration between Fran and Jo. Fran and Jo are passionate about creating a healthy snack business for new mums and their families and excited about what the future holds.

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Weight250 kg


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