Natural Life Colostrum 45mg IgG chewable 200 Tablets

Natural Life™ Colostrum tablets are specially formulated using the colostrum powder that contains 45IgG (Immunoglobullin)

$29.00 $23.95

Clean, toxic free dairy ingredient source
Great flavour
Australian made & owned
Colostrum is a complete nutritional foodstuff produced by nursing mothers in the first 48 hours following the birth of all mammals. Sometimes called pre-milk, it’s a superior product to milk.

Natural Life™ is sourced from strong healthy BSE free dairy cows which are registered to produce milk for human consumption. Manufactured from 100% natural pasteurised bovine colostrum harvested within 48 hours after parturition.

Can assist with
•Support children’s healthy growth •Rich vitamins and minerals source •Rich protein productions for muscle and tissue growth

Manufactured in Australia
Recommended adult dosage
Chew two tablets once or twice daily

Store below 30°c, do not use if cap seal is broken

Pure bovine colostrum powder 225mg
Equivalent to Immunoglobin IgG 45mg


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