Zazen Water Silver Stone 500g


Anti-bacterial effect preserves the freshness of filtered water

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Silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent which by design keeps the lower tank clean and maintenance free. The zazen Silver Stones naturally preserve the freshness of the water in the zazen tank through this anti-bacterial effect – ensuring the best quality water is ready to drink all day, every day. (Silver is not released into the water)

In fact, you can go away on holidays for a month or even longer, and there is no need to empty your zazen system. When you return, the water in the system is fine to drink! Very easy to maintain! This is one of the ways that makes the zazen Alkaline Water system different, and superior, to other water systems that require regular maintenance. We have incorporated Silver into all layers of our filtration, given the prevalence of bacteria in our drinking water supplies.

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Did You Know zazen Water is a 100% Australian owned company and we have our Alkaline Water systems manufactured with Australian specifications in mind. Many products designed overseas do not have the modifications necessary to be effective with Australian fluoridated water and other toxins in our Australian water supplies. You can relax knowing that the zazen filter has been designed specifically to work in Australia with up to 90% fluoride reduction, a critical element for filtering Australian water.

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Zazen Water Silver Stone 500g



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