Weleda Men Active Shower Gel

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100% natural – 100% energising. A complex fragrance in a light gel wash for men

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Everyone likes to smell good – but not everyone wants to use chemical gunk to make it happen. Weleda MEN Active Shower Gel leaves you with a fresh, masculine smell, clean skin and a clear conscience.

This is what we mean by a fresh start. First thing in the morning, after sports or before an evening out, get invigorated and refreshed with all-natural MEN Active Shower Gel.
The unique masculine fragrance comes from stimulating rosemary oil, lemony may change, and men’s favourite vetiver – a mildly antiseptic grass with a warm, woody undertone.
Does it do the job?
Yes it does – using only natural cleansers, which foam up, rinse off and take grit, sweat and odours with them. Non-drying to the skin, non- harmful to the earth and definitely good for everyone who gets close to you. What’s not to like?
Clear gel shower wash, easy to rinse off, good foaming qualities and does not dry out the skin. Vegan, gluten-free, no raw materials derived from nuts, mineral oils, synthetic substances, colourants or perfumes. Contains raw materials derived from palm kernel oil and/or soy beans.

Key Points 100% Natural
Dosage Use as directed.
Did You Know Weleda strives to source only the finest ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild crafted suppliers, where techniques such as crop rotation, green manure compost and biological pest control are used. Organic farming allows the use of some fertilizers and pesticides if they are of natural origin. Plants are cultivated without chemicals in their native environments, and are harvested in a sustainable way in order to conserve resources. An ecological, ethical and spiritual approach to agriculture that goes beyond organic to actually heal the soil and create an interconnected, self-sustaining farm, farmers use sun, moon and planets to guide their planting and harvesting cycles.

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Weleda Men Active Shower Gel

$19.95 $18.95

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