Weleda Everon Lip Balm

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A kind friend to lips that suffer from dryness and cold weather

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Everon® Lip Balm is formulated from natural, gentle ingredients, including organic jojoba oil, precious rose wax and organic shea butter to nourish and protect dry and delicate lips. A touch of beeswax creates a lasting barrier against the elements and gentle notes of vanilla and rose essential oils create a softly fragrance balm you’ll never want to be without.

Key Points Protects against moisture loss, provides a light gloss
Protective, softening and nourishing
Dosage After removing the lid rotate the coloured base to reveal a small amount of the stick. (To prevent breaking the stick, raise it only just above the plastic tube). Apply a thin coating over the lips
Warnings if the Lip Balm has been stored in warm conditions it may appear to ‘sweat’ as the combination of fats and waxes separate.
May Assist With Protects against moisture loss, provides a light gloss. Protective, softening and nourishing.

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Weleda Everon Lip Balm

$9.95 $9.50

$9.95 $9.50

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