Waah Organic Vegetable Pulao

All Natural, Organic Ready to Eat Meals.

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Vegetable Pulao.

Rice cooked in an aromatic, flavorful broth with assorted vegetables to create a perfect, healthy staple.
If it isn’t pure, it isn’t Waah Organic. Waah Organic is more than a range of ready-to-eat meals made with the freshest ingredients. It’s wellness in a box. Six humble authentic Indian recipes have been created with organic ingredients hand-picked from our farms, without a trace of chemicals or synthetic pesticides. These recipes are then processed without any additives or harmful preservatives to retain their natural taste and freshness. Our controlled supply chain allows us to monitor exactly which ingredients are used, whether they are organic or vegan. We believe in a real, all-natural approach without the use of any GMO for a sustainable future; one that is healthy, green and organic.

Key Points Organic Ingredients
Authentic Taste
Pure Goodness
Country India

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Waah Organic Vegetable Pulao

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