Vitus Vitamin C Powder

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Pleasant tasting, all natural vitamin supplement for maximum absorption.

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VITUS™ Pure Plant Sourced VITAMIN C is a delicious, wholefood vegan formula combining three of the world’s richest sources of Vitamin C; Acerola berry, Camu camu and Kakadu plum.

VITUS™ Pure Plant Sourced VITAMIN C is free from synthetic, isolated ascorbic acid and instead contains natural Vitamin C from pure wholefood sources, complete with co-factors and nutrients.
The 100% plant sourced blend offers a delicious and truly bioavailable vitamin C providing over 430mg of Vitamin C per dose to support normal immune system function, collagen formation and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
VITUS™ Pure Plant Sourced VITAMIN C is a great tasting daily boost of naturally sourced Vitamin C, free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, extracts, fillers or isolated vitamins.

Key Points Potent source of Vitamin C
Natural wholefood sources
Contains trace nutrients for maximum absorption
Dosage Take 4g (one teaspoon) stirred into liquid or added to food. Avoid heating.
Did You Know Each dose contains 110% of your RDI of Vitamin C
May Assist With Immune support & antioxidant
Country Australia

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Vitus Vitamin C Powder

$29.95 $26.95

$29.95 $26.95

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