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Your Total Daily Health Supplement

Vital Greens, now named Vital All-In-One, was the first product developed under the Vital Brand in early 2000.

The formula is an easily absorbed, carefully balanced powder blend of essential nutrients that have been extracted from natural dense vegetables and fruits plus the addition of probiotics, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Recently the formula was renamed Vital All-In-One to highlight the product is more than greens, emphasising it is a comprehensive supplement.

Just two teaspoons daily of Vital All-In-One delivers 78 vital ingredients that are loaded with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fibre and a unique high alkalising pea protein.

Available product size:

120g, 300g, 600g, 1kg.

Key Points High in antioxidants to protect against free radicals
Boosts vitality and wellbeing
Supports cleansing
Dosage Just two teaspoons daily. Mix with cold water or non-acidic juices.
Warnings Please refer to package.
Did You Know The Elyse Knowles and Vital partnership began organically, the two brands coming together after Elyse was often stating in interviews that Vital All-In-One is a part of her daily health routine. Elyse was a natural advocate for the brand, exclaiming she is a long time user and how it had changed her life. Elyse explains her Vital story, at seventeen years old, ‘I was living in Hong Kong working and I knew I needed something that I could take every day that was going to supplement my diet, make me feel happy and give me energy, because I didn’t know where I was going to get my food from. It was actually really scary for me… away from home in a different country by yourself, not speaking the language and being so young. So, in the morning I knew that I could have my Vital Greens [now called Vital All-In-One] and I was set with all the health and wellness I needed for a good day…it was amazing for me both physically and mentally.’ Elyse has been a part of the Vital family since March 2018 and we are thrilled to have her as a genuine user of our Vital range of products and positive role model as the face of our brand.
May Assist With General health and wellbeing, increased energy and vitality
Country Australia

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120g, 300g, 600g, 1kg


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