Thursday Plantation Clarifying Oil


Thursday Plantation Clarifying Oil is designed for adults with acne prone skin.



This fast absorbing night serum helps to clear acne prone skin and restore a healthy and balanced complexion. With regular use, Thursday Plantation Clarifying Oil helps to:

Reduce the appearance of blemishes

Retain moisture, preventing the skin from overcompensating with more oil production

Tighten enlarged pores

Calm the skin and reduce redness

Reduce the visibility of scars caused by acne

Dermatologically tested for sensitisation and irritation.

How does it work?
Conventional acne solutions sometimes use harsh chemicals, leaving the skin feeling dry and irritated. Thursday Plantation Clarifying oil combines nature’s oils that help soothe and clear acne prone skin. It also decreases the occurrence of acne while promoting hydration.
What’s in it and how does this benefit my skin?
COPAIBA OIL: Has unique antibacterial and calming properties to help soothe acne prone skin.
TEA TREE OIL: Possesses powerful antibacterial properties. Keeps the skin clear by removing bacteria and build up of oils from the skin.
CAMELLIA OIL: Protects the skin from the signs of pre-mature ageing.
MACADAMIA OIL: Leaves the skin looking plumped and rejuvenated thanks to its high content in palmitoleic acid (Omega 7).
GRAPESEED OIL: Rich in linoleic acid. Helps to restore the essential fatty acids balance on the skin.

Key Points Natural way to control adult acne
Dermatologically tested for sensitisation and irritation
Purifies and balances the skin, without drying out
Dosage Each night after cleansing, gently spray and massage Clarifying Oil evenly to the face with a gentle pressing motion. Shake well before use.
Warnings For external use only. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children
May Assist With Help soothe acne prone skin.
Country Australia

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Thursday Plantation Clarifying Oil



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