The Genius Brand Carb, Unflavoured


Train harder for longer with less fatigue thanks to the rapid infusion of energy provided by Genius Carb.*

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Bigger Muscle Pumps:

Carbohydrates enhance muscle fullness and nitric oxide production yielding bigger, better muscle pumps during training.

Better Recovery, Less Soreness:
Following intense exercise, glycogen is depleted and muscles are broken down. Genius Carb provides a high-quality nutrition source that supports glycogen repletion and accelerates muscle recovery and recovery.
Won’t Spike Insulin:
Genius Carb offers an 82% lower insulin response and a 27% lower blood-sugar response compared to traditional training carbohydrate sources, promoting increased energy with no crash.

Key Points Sustained Energy
Replenish Glycogen
Improve Recovery
Dosage Genius Carb is incredibly versatile and can be taken any time of day. Use it pre or intra workout for increased performance and greater endurance. Use it post workout to accelerate recovery and fuel glycogen replenishment. Or, mix up a scoop and drink it during mealtime if you’re trying to gain mass but have difficulty consuming enough calories. Morning, noon, or night, Genius Carb is your anytime, anywhere low-glycemic carbohydrate! For increased energy, greater strength, and bigger muscle pumps during training, mix together 1-2 servings of Genius Carb with one serving of Genius Pre as well as one serving of Genius Muscle Builder and drink 30-60 minutes prior to training. For optimal hydration and peak performance, combine 1-2 servings of Genius Carb with a serving of Genius Electrolytes and sip during training. For added muscle recovery and growth, mix together 1-2 servings of Genius Carb (based on nutritional needs and training demands) with a serving of Genius Protein as well as a serving of Genius Creatine and consume post workout.
May Assist With Accelerate recovery and fuel glycogen replenishment

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The Genius Brand Carb, Unflavoured



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