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SMARTCAFFEINE–Genius Caffeine is different than every other caffeine pill on the market because itis a sustained released, ultra pure trademarked version (NEWCAFF).*

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TRUESUSTAINEDENERGY–Normal caffeine is quickly absorbed, leading to a stimulating effectafter consumption, causing energy fluctuations. Through a controlled release, micro-encapsulationtechnique, Genius Caffeine provides true sustained energy, increasing metabolism and fat loss.

BURNMORECALORIES&SUPPORTWEIGHTLOSS–Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis,accelerating the rate at which your body burns calories. It also helps to suppress the appetite for extendedperiods of time.
STACKS GREAT WITH GENIUS BURN– Genius Burn’s advanced fat loss formula was formulated caffeine free. By stacking Genius Caffeine with Genius Burn, you can amplify fat loss results.
ALL-NATURALFORMULAWITHNOJUNK–Genius Caffeine is made with veggie capsules andcontains no fillers, dyes or unnecessary additives. It can increase muscle performance, endurance andblood flowwithout the use of stimulants.*

Key Points Smooth, long lasting energy
Enhance Performance
Boost Metabolism & Weight Loss
Dosage Take one serving in the morning as a replacement for your morning coffee, or use it for a much needed energy boost pre workout or in the early afternoon to help fight the “lull” we all feel.
Warnings It is not recommended to consume Genius Caffeine within 6 hours of going to bed as it may lead to disrupted sleep.
May Assist With Provides extra energy, motivation, and focus you need to crush your workouts.

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The Genius Brand Caffeine



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