That Red House Laundry Tonic Sweet Orange


100% Pure Essential Oil Laundry Tonic

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A bold and cheeky scent, reminiscent of grandpa’s secret jar of boiled lollies. Sure to appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

For fragrance and freshness with soapberries and woolen dryer balls.

Key Points 100% Pure Essential Oil
Add Fragrance & Freshness To Your Laundry
Zero Waste
Did You Know The ‘That Red House’ brand is built on the foundation of striving for a sustainable, organic, zero-waste, chemical free, eco-conscious and healthy way of life for all. Our soapberries are proudly vegan, raw and paleo. We aim to inspire, educate and convert people to using our 100% certified organic, waste-free laundry detergent and complementing natural laundry products; 100% Australian Wool Dryer Balls and Laundry Tonics.

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That Red House Laundry Tonic Sweet Orange


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