Prana On Natural Mass


Possibly the world’s first gluten free and vegan friendly mass gainer!



Natural Mass has over 60 grams of organic alkaline plant protein and complex carbohydrates per serve, healthy fats from Flaxseed and MCT oil, it also has 2.5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate per serve, along with Digestive Enzymes and an Amino Acid Complex.

The gluten free complex carbohydrates are derived from Cassava Root, with our protein sources coming from Raw Pea Protein, Sprouted and Fermented Brown Rice and the Sacha Inchi seed.

Key Points Gluten free complex carbohydrates
Contains added digestive enzymes
Contains healthy fats including flaxseed oil and MCT oil
Dosage Refer to instructions on product.
Did You Know Introducing PRANA… premium quality natural protein powder and fitness nutrition made with plant based, organic, gluten free and vegan friendly superfood ingredients.
May Assist With Muscle gain
Country Australia

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Banana, Rich Chocolate, Mylk Chocolate, Vanilla Shake, Vanilla Creme


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Prana On Natural Mass



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