Power Super Foods Cacao Gold Butter Chunks Certified Organic


Cacao Butter Chunks are certified organic, rich, creamy, aromatic, and amazing.

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Raw cacao butter is the cold-pressed and exquisitely aromatic edible natural oil from the chocolate bean and is the base ingredient of white chocolate.

Traditional uses include luxury soapmaking and in rich natural skin moisturisers, massage oils & lip balms.
Use as a vegan ‘butter’, creating raw chocolates, blending in smoothies, making creamy raw ice cream, as a substitute for coconut oil, chocolate pudding, syrup or sauces.

Key Points Raw
Gluten Free & Vegan
Zero Trans Fats
Dosage Raw Foodists love it !! Use instead of butter on toast etc, or warm gently until soft (melting point approx 35C / 95 F), then add as desired to raw foodist concoctions like blissballs or ice cream, chocolate creations, smoothies or desserts - or smear on skin and lips for the ultimate moisturiser.
Did You Know Since 2001, Power Super Foods is your premier source for the finest organic super foods and is 100% Australian-owned.
May Assist With Overall Health and Wellbeing
Country Australia

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Power Super Foods Cacao Gold Butter Chunks Certified Organic



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