Paleo Rumbles Choc Rocks


Our Vegan Chocolate is perfect to cook with, throw in a smoothie or just sit in front of the TV and eat! Mix it through homemade muffins, pancakes or cake batter. Or melt it and dip some strawberries in it! YUM

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You would hardly believe that Rumbles Choc Rocks are also vegan, 70% Dark and made with only 4 natural ingredients!

People have compared our paleo chocolate to Lindt, but they say it actually tastes way better!
You simply have to try the Rumbles Choc Rocks to believe how darn good they are!
We guarantee you that our Paleo chocolate is completely natural and made with only quality, natural ingredients. In fact it has only four ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, coconut sugar and vanilla. That’s it!
You’d be hard pressed to find a chocolate any more natural than that!
Even though the chocolate is dark, there’s no bitterness what so ever. And the kids adore the Choc Rocks just as much as the adults (so you better hide it from them when your delivery arrives!)

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Paleo Rumbles Choc Rocks



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