Nutralife Liver Guard 56,000 Plus Boldo

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One-a-day high strength liver support.

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This formula provides high strength liver support with Milk thistle and Boldo. It assists healthy liver detoxification processes and is a liver protectant, supports liver and gallbladder function and aids digestion

. Boldo is used as a carminative, to assist with relieving flatulence and indigestion

. Milk thistle assists with the relief of mild digestive disturbances such as bloating, the sensation of fullness and slow digestion

. Taken as directed, Nutra-Life Liver Guard 56,000 Plus Boldo:

Supports healthy liver and gallbladder function

Assists healthy liver detoxification process and acts as a liver protectant

Assists with relieving flatulence, indigestion and bloating

when used in traditional Western Herbal medicine.

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Nutralife Liver Guard 56,000 Plus Boldo

$49.99 $34.95

$49.99 $34.95

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