Natural Life Propolis 1000mg

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High-strength, Easy to swallow Propolis capsules.

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Natural Life™ 1000mg Australian-Made Propolis delivers a high strength dose of Propolis in a small, easy to swallow capsule. The 1000mg dose is useful for maintaining general good health and immune strength. Dosage can easily be increased during times of extra stress, risk or illness.

Health Benefits of Propolis:

Propolis is a powerful natural superfood rich in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and bioflavonoids

Propolis may help boost your immunity and maintain natural immune function

Strong immunity improves resistance to colds, flus and other infections

The antiinflammatory activity in Propolis may help reduce inflammation in all areas of the body

Propolis is abundant in antioxidants which are associated with healthy cardio activity and antiaging benefits.

Natural Life™ Australian Made Propolis is produced from the highest quality raw materials and is known for its high flavonoid content, with guaranteed 6% APF (Active Propolis Factor). Natural Life™ Propolis 1000mg delivers a high-strength dose in small, soft, easy to swallow capsules. All Natural Life™ products are premium quality, made according to the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

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Natural Life Propolis 1000mg

$55.95 $39.95

$55.95 $39.95

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