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BioNatal is fomulated according to current scientific evidence that demonstrates the vital role of the gastrointestinal (GIT) microbiome on the health and development of newborn infants.

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BioticNatal is intended for both the pregnant and breast feeding mother aiding to support and maintain the integrity and function of her own GIT and her immune system.

BioticNatal may also be indicated to provide support for breast milk colonisation of beneficial baterial species that can be transferred to the breast fed infant.
Lactoferrin in a naturally occuring milk protein found in breastmilk, providing antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic activity, protecting both the mother and infant.

Key Points Provides broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-viral activity for pregnant and lactating women.
Supports healthy infant and maternal gastrointestinal microbial profile.
May assist in the management of infant allergies including eczema.
Dosage Take one (1) capsule, one (1) to two (2) times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Warnings Always read the label, use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.
Did You Know Medlab Clinical is a medical research and development facility researching and formulating novel bio-therapeutics (e.g., nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals) to improve health outcomes in early to moderate stage chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease and pre-diabetes/obesity.
May Assist With Assists with health and development of newborn infants, along with GIT and immune support for mother.
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