Max’s SuperShred Bar


Low Carb High Protein Bar.

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MAX’S Super Shred bar is the ideal low carb/high protein snack or meal replacement. It’s unique formulation is designed to build lean muscle, while increasing your metabolism, blocking the digestion of carbs and inhibiting their conversion to body fat. The perfect addition to any low carb or cutting diet!

Key Points Contains powerful fat burners
High leucine WPI
Carb blocking formula
Dosage Perfect For In-Between Meal Snacks! Consume 1-2 bars per day between meals or to replace meals. MAX’S bars should be taken in conjunction with a nutritious diet and suitable exercise program.
Did You Know MAX'S is all about providing many great ways of getting the protein and nutrients you need to build natural muscle mass.
May Assist With Building muscle and burning fat
Country Australia

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Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Caramel Crunch, White Chocolate Raspberry


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Max’s SuperShred Bar



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