Honest Gum 100% Natural Gum

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An award winning natural chewing gum.

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Our gum base is completely plastic free (yes, you read it right – plastic free) and made the traditional way using natural chicle, a sustainably harvested tree sap from the Mexican sapodilla tree.

Honest Gum contains no artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives or colours.

Key Points No Artificial Sweeteners
No Artificial Flavours
No Artificial Preservatives or Colours
Did You Know Our founder, Marie, an avid gum chewer started Honest Gum in 2014 after she discovered that conventional chewing gum was made of a plastic gum base and laced with all sorts of artificial ingredients. Knowing that there must have been a better alternative, Marie went on a hunt to find a natural chewing gum and found there wasn't anything available on the Australian market. From this discovery, Honest Gum was born.At Honest Gum, we make our chewing gum the traditional way using natural chicle, a sustainable harvested natural sap from the Mexican sapodilla tree. This means our gum has NO nasties, No artificial colours, NO artificial flavours, NO artificial preservatives and NO petrochemical bases (aka plastics).

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Eucalyptus & Mint, Ginger Lemon


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Honest Gum 100% Natural Gum

$4.20 $3.50

$4.20 $3.50

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