Gelpro NutraColl Joint & Bone Collagen

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NutraColl Joint Health uses Microactive Collagen Peptides™. Our formula uses 100% Bovine Collagen in an easy to consume 10 gram dose that is tasteless, odorless and water soluble.

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NutraColl – Joint Health Collagen hydrolysate may:

Help to reduce activity- related joint pain

The number of people suffering from joint related pain is increasing year on year and this is driven primarily from wear and tear of the joint cartilage. Much of the medication available on the market today is aimed at addressing the symptom of inflammation and pain rather than the root cause.

The optimised Microactive Collagen Peptides™ in this product were used in a 24 week study in athletes with activity related-joint pain at 10g daily and showed statistically significant changes compared to placebo in joint pain at rest, when walking, when standing, when carrying objects and when lifting. Results for subjects with knee pain were more pronounced and included improvements in pain when walking, standing, at rest, running a straight line and changing direction.” Clark KL, Sebastianelli W, Flechsenhar KR, Aukermann DF, Meza F, Millared RL, Deitch JR, Sherbondy PS, Albert a. (2008) 24-week study on the use of collagen hydrolysate as a dietary supplement in athletes with activity-related joint pain. Current Medical Research and Opinion 24(5): 1485-1496

Key Points Aims to treat the root cause of joint pain
Statistically significant reduction in joint pain
100% Bovine Collagen
Dosage Adults, take one 10g dose, once daily, in juice or water with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
Did You Know Gelatin Australia is the result of two Aussie brothers based in Sydney who needed good quality gelatin and searched the world for the absolute best. We are the first in Australia to bring an Australian made beef gelatin to the retail market and proud of it.
May Assist With Strengthning collagen and connective tissue
Country Australia

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Gelpro NutraColl Joint & Bone Collagen

$39.95 $38.95

$39.95 $38.95

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