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With dong quai, traditionally used in Chinese medicine to improve hair health by acting as a blood tonic



Fusion’s new improved Hair Tonic formulation is based on the traditional Chinese understanding of the role of the blood in the health of the hair.

In TCM, the hair is traditionally believed to be nourished by the blood, which keeps it shiny and healthy.
On the other hand, hair loss, thinning hair, poor hair health and an itchy or irritated scalp are often attributed to excess heat in the blood in TCM.
Poor hair condition?
Dong quai is traditionally taken to improve the health of the hair and consequently enhance its condition and shine in Chinese medicine, where it’s traditionally regarded as achieving these effects by enhancing the health of the blood.
In TCM, dong quai is also traditionally regarded as having invigorating effects on the blood, improving its circulation to all areas of the body.
Losing your hair?
Up to 70% of men and up to 40% of women are affected by some degree of hair loss*.
In Chinese medicine, the herb biota (also known as Chinese thuja) is traditionally taken to reduce hair loss and improve hair growth.
Excess heat in the blood is regarded as a common cause of hair loss in TCM, and biota is traditionally taken to disperse the heat and help maintain the health of the hair follicles, which are the tiny dimples in the scalp that the hair grows from.
Got an irritated scalp?
When scalp problems are attributed to excess heat in the blood in TCM, biota is traditionally used to clear the heat from the blood and calm irritation.
Need nutritional support for your hair too?
Fusion Hair Tonic is suitable for use alongside Fusion Hair, Skin & Nails, which combines dong quai with silica, biotin and zinc – 15 nutritionals in all.

Key Points Biota, traditionally used to decrease hair loss and improve hair growth in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
An increased dose of dong quai, which is traditionally used as a blood tonic that improves hair health in TCM
Plus the traditional Chinese herbs rehmannia root, white peony, Chinese licorice, cuscuta and Szechuan lovage
Dosage Adults: Take 2 capsules, once or twice daily.
Warnings Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional. Store below 30°C. Do not use if cap seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation
May Assist With Supports healthy hair growth and repair
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Fusion Health Hair Tonic



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