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Biscuits for your belly!

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Our ‘biscuits for your belly’ are created by our naturopath Jo and contain ingredients specifically chosen with pregnant mums in mind.

Feeling queasy? We’ve included the beautiful herb ginger aka Zingiber officinale that has long been used for its ‘carminative’ qualities. It has a specific affinity to the gut and digestion and traditionally loved by many to ease nausea throughout pregnancy.

Wanting to up your fiber intake? When you eat the apricots in our bumpers think dietary fiber, potassium, iron and antioxidants… Nice! Just what you need! Not to mention the gorgeous hint of its natural sweetness.

Superfoods? Sure thing. Our bumpers also contain pumpkin kernels, walnuts and flaxseeds. These babies deliver on a whole host of key minerals and fats essential during pregnancy. Zinc for cell growth and division (extremely important), immunity and repair. Magnesium for your energy levels and also plant based omega 3 and 6’s which your baby is going to soak right up, not to forget your skin and hair! Oh and don’t forget fiber, protein and calcium. Did you know to create a vegan protein you need to combine whole grains with nuts or seeds? Tick!

Need milk? Think again. We use Tahini in our bumpers. This gorgeously gooey spread does a lot more than just help hold our bumpers together…Tahini being made 100% from sesame seeds means it is one of the richest sources of calcium you can get. It is such a crucial time during pregnancy that you load up on calcium to ensure you have adequate amounts post pregnancy.

No dairy here. We chose coconut oil as the perfect fat for our cookies. Not only does it bring delicious flavour and texture to our bumpers but also it was the health benefits that really drew us to it. It contains medium chain fatty acids, which is a very healthy and necessary saturated fat. It is fabulous for your metabolism, your skin, your hair and your overall organ health.

Our bumpers are dairy and egg free and don’t contain and white sugars, only the beautiful coconut sugar. We use beautiful organic spelt flour to bind it all together, the gluten strand found in spelt flour is much shorter and more brittle and many people find it much easier to digest as a result. The fact too that it has not gone through the manipulation and change that common wheat has also adds to this advantage as our bodies recognize the grain much easier than wheat. Good digestion is vital for good health.

Dairy free, egg free & no refined sugar

Key Points Contains superfoods full of key minerals
Contains ginger to assist in relieving nausea
No refined sugar!
Dosage Munch on 2-3 Belly Bump biscuits daily.
Did You Know Franjo’s Kitchen is a collaboration between Fran and Jo. Fran and Jo are passionate about creating a healthy snack business for new mums and their families and excited about what the future holds.
May Assist With Providing a nutritious and nourishing snack for pregnant women.
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Franjo’s Kitchen Belly Bump Biscuits Cylinder



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