BSN Truemass

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BSN True Mass 1200 is an excellent weight gaining protein supplement, especially for hard gainers who might find it difficult to gain weight.

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All of you who need that added caloric support and crested levels of nutrients; BSN True Mass is just for you.

A perfect fusion of the BCAAs, Glutamine Peptides, MCTs, Glutamine AKG, Fiber & Active protein enzymes and a great taste, True Mass is a multi-functional blend that feeds your muscles for over 8 hours at stretch. The carbohydrates cater the energy requirements while the MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and the EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) ensure the safety of your heart and hormonal activities.

Key Points Supports muscle growth
Weight gain objectives
Exercise recovery
Dosage Ideal As a Post Workout Protein/Carb Beverage When High Carbs are Needed.
Warnings Use only as directed.
May Assist With Muscle growth and weight gain objectives

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BSN Truemass

$144.95 $86.95

$144.95 $86.95

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