Broth & Co Australian Beef Bone Broth Powder

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For at home or on the go! 20 Serves per pouch.

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This is our “naked broth” with no additives and has a neutral flavour so it’s perfect for smoothies.

Key Points All Natural
No Added Salt
No Preversatives
Dosage For a comforting broth beverage add a teaspoon of our dried bone broth powder to 100-150ml of hot water. Use as a soup base, to braise vegetables and add to stir fries, casseroles and gravies. A teaspoon can be added to your morning smoothie
May Assist With Gut digestion, cellulite, joint health and arthritis, may also benefit skin, hair and nails.
Country Australia

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Broth & Co Australian Beef Bone Broth Powder

$20.95 $19.95

$20.95 $19.95

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