Bioceuticals Glutathione

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Clinically trialled Setria® reduced glutathione.

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Glutathione is an important cellular antioxidant that plays a pivotal role in regulating oxidative stress, detoxification and immune function.

Important antioxidant in the body.

Plays a major role in the maintenance of the cellular redox state.

Supports liver function (involved in phase 2 detoxification and elimination of metabolic by-products from the body).

Involved in normal healthy immune activity.

Increases natural killer (NK) cell activity (best effects at 1g/day).

Regenerates oxidised vitamins C and E, thus maintaining their antioxidant properties.

Uses Setria® reduced glutathione, clinically trialled to increase blood levels of glutathione when taken orally.

Suitable for vegans.

Key Points Antioxidant Protection
Supports Liver Function
Antioxidants for Immune Function
Dosage Adults: Take 1 capsule once or twice daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Warnings If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Suitable for adults only. Not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Always read the label. Use only as directed.
May Assist With Assists with regulating oxidative stress, detoxification and immune function.

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Bioceuticals Glutathione

$51.50 $45.95

$51.50 $45.95

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