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Finally, it’s here! A Gutright that’s not only good for your gut but also good for your taste buds.

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We understand some things are a bit hard to swallow and we heard customers when they said they wanted our Gutright to not taste so bad. So whilst some may say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, we say – yes you can, and here it is!

GUTRIGHT Daily is a great tasting Modbiotic formulation made from groups of natural polyphenols that can help promote healthy gut bug ratios; by promoting healthy firmicute to bacteroidetes ratios.
You are probably thinking, what happens to the OG Gutright now? Well nothing really, it will still and always remain the original and the best. We believe the OG Gutright is the best product to use in the 10-day challenge and is a really great option for someone who also wants their fibre included – so they don’t have to add it in elsewhere in their diet.

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Raspberry, Choc Chai


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ATP Science GutRight Daily



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