All Natural Kids Lollipops Cough Cold & Throat Variety

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An all natural homeopathic product.

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For natural, temporary relief of pain and discomfort of cough, cold and throat symptoms.

Key Points All natural
For the temporary relief of a sore throat and cough
For the temporary relief of cold and flu symptoms
Dosage Suck one Kids lozenge at the first sign of discomfort. There is no need to finish the whole lozenge as the therapeutic benefit of the medicine will be gained in the first few licks or sucks. The recommended dose is 3 lozenges per day.
Warnings Not to be used by children under 2 years of age without medical advice. If symptoms persist or worsen suddently, consult your heatlh-care specialist. Keep this and all other medicine out of reach of children.
Did You Know All Natural Kids is a brand of natural, effective and gentle medication specifically designed for children.
May Assist With Providing temporary relief from a cough, sore throat and cold and flu symptoms
Country Australia

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All Natural Kids Lollipops Cough Cold & Throat Variety

$14.95 $12.95

$14.95 $12.95

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