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Cough and bronchial Congestion Relief contains Ivy, Thyme and Liquorice, herbal remedies traditionally used for bronchial coughs.

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Used for the temporary relief of bronchial coughs and mucus congestion.

Bronchial coughs result from an excess of mucus or catarrh produced by your respiratory tract. This results in the tubes of your lungs and throat being irritated, triggering the cough reflex and an attempt by the body to expel mucus.

At A.Vogel, we insist that only freshly picked Ivy and Thyme are used to make Cough and bronchial Congestion Relief. This ensures that the remedy obtained contains the active ingredients* that help relieve a chesty cough.

*Tobler M, et al. Characteristics of whole fresh plant extracts. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur GanzheitsMedizin, 1994.

Key Points Herbal remedy for bronchial congestion and cough
Reduces mucous production
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Dosage Adults and children 12 years and over: Take 588mcL dose (20 drops) in 50mL of water, 3 times daily, after meals, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Children 2 to 11 years: Give 147mcL dose(5 drops) in 50mL of water, 3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Warnings Contra-indications: Not recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding. Not recommended for people taking medication prescribed by their doctor. Not recommended for people with allergies to Thymus vulgaris, Hedera helix, Glycyrhiza glabra and related species. Bioforce Policy Warnings: Always read the label. Use as directed. Keep out reach of children. Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2007 If ring at the bottom of cap is missing, broken or separate do not use. Code of Practice for the Temper Evident Packing of Therapeutic Goods 2003 Contains Ethanol (Alcohol) Not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner. TGA mandatory warnings Product contains a small amount licorice, however people eating large amounts of licorice at the same time may cause potassium loss, sodium and fluid retention and high blood pressure in some individuals. Bioforce Policy Interactions: Warfarin Immunosuppressant medications Bioforce Policy Undesirable Effects: In very rare cases hypersensitivity reaction have been reported. Thyme herb in ESCOP Monograph 2nd Edition page 505-510 (2003)
Did You Know A. Vogel uses effective natural remedies and medicinal products made from freshly harvested plants.
May Assist With Respiratory tract health
Country Australia

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A.Vogel Phytotherapy Cough and Bronchial



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