A.Vogel Body Care Dentaforce Toothpaste


Contains extracts of echinacea, mint and rosemary.

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Dentaforce toothpaste contains natural essential oils and herb extracts to help keep your teeth clean and maintain the health of your gums and mouth. It has a pleasant and refreshing taste.

100% natural, freshens breath, supports oral hygiene, nonabrasive, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, no animal testing, free from fluoride, does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate which scours the oral mucosa and can cause mouth ulcers and ulcerations.

Key Points 100% natural
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
No sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
Dosage A.Vogel’s toothpaste with fresh herb extract of Echinacea, ratanhia and essential oils cleans thoroughly and has a pleasant refreshing taste.
Warnings Keep out of reach from children, store below 25C.
Did You Know A. Vogel uses effective natural remedies and medicinal products made from freshly harvested plants.
May Assist With Oral hygeine
Country Australia

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A.Vogel Body Care Dentaforce Toothpaste


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