Incredible Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

There are a plethora of health benefits of olive leaf extract to the extent that it can help treat almost all major medical issues. Read on to learn not only what olive leaf extract is but also the ways it…

If you feel constant aches and pains accompanying your daily life or if you suffer from an invisible disability, you’re far from alone. Recent studies show that over 3.42 million Australians live with chronic pain, leading to a generally unhealthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of factors going into this problem, but focusing on the problem isn’t nearly as important as finding a solution. For this reason, those who have these health issues should be looking into natural and effective solutions to dull these pains. If you do a little research, you may be surprised to discover that one of the most effective panaceas out there is olive leaf extract.

There are a plethora of health benefits of olive leaf extract to the extent that it can help treat almost all major medical issues. Read on to learn not only what olive leaf extract is but also the ways it can stop you from suffering.

What Is Olive Leaf Extract?

Olive leaf extract is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a liquid extract that comes from the leaves of the olive tree. Before you consume this extract, it will be made into a solid form. However, it still retains the chemical components that the liquid extract had.

The leaves from an olive tree contain polyphenols, which are plant compounds that offer health benefits. Specifically, these leaves contain the compounds oleacein and oleuropein, the underlying cause of all the benefits that olive leaf extract can offer.

While there are pills and other man-made remedies that can help with diabetes and cancer (two of the most common diseases that olive extract treats), these are often accompanied by many artificial substances. On the flipside, olive leaf extract is a completely natural remedy. This makes it better for both the Earth and your body.

Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Now that you know what olive leaf extract is on the most basic level, it’s time to learn a few of its biggest health benefits. Read on to learn what diseases you can help treat and prevent by using this resource!

Helps the Immune System

One of the greatest benefits of olive leaf extract is that it helps to boost your immune system. This is important all the time, but with the spread of coronavirus, it’s more important to ensure that your immune system is as strong as possible.

The average US resident is sick more often than people in other nations around the world. This is due to a lot of factors including poor diets, inhalation of pollution, and a lack of a healthy and active lifestyle. However, much of having a poor immune system is genetic and beyond people’s control. For this reason, natural remedies are essential to preventing illness and saving lives.

Olive leaf extract has been proven to strengthen the immune system against many common ailments. Not only does it treat heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other major illnesses, but it also gives the body essential polyphenols so that it can fight off common colds and flulike symptoms. This means fewer days lost to illness for yourself and less spread of disease to others.

Treats STDs

Because of the strong immune system that olive leaf extract promotes, taking it can also lower your risk of contracting STDs. Specifically, this extract can be used to treat herpes and the symptoms associated with it.

Unlike most times you take olive leaf extract, you’ll want to use it in its liquid form for herpes. This is because it’s a skin-related ailment. Drop one or two droplets of extract on a cotton ball or paper towel and hold it over the infected area. The antiviral and antimicrobial parts of the extract will help heal the sores and strengthen immunity in the surrounding tissue.

Controls Diabetes

According to recent numbers, more than 1.7 million Australians are currently living with diabetes. If you are one of the people suffering from this common disease, you’ve likely tried many different remedies from pills to insulin shots. While olive leaf extract can’t necessarily replace your insulin, it can eliminate many of the symptoms of diabetes including high blood sugar and fatigue.

As we stated earlier, diabetes is one of the main diseases that an olive leaf’s polyphenols exist to treat. Talk to your doctor about using olive leaf extract in addition to other diabetes medications so that you can get the most benefits.

Stops Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Most people believe that memory is a huge factor in what constitutes identity. For this reason, dementia is one of the scariest prospects out there. 

Olive leaf extract helps to stop the abnormal proteins that cause dementia (and stroke) from clustering together. The neurofibrillary tangles that are usually seen in the brains of people with dementia and other memory-related diseases don’t form because the proteins can’t combine with one another. If you have a family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia (or are just generally worried about getting it), olive leaf extract is a good preventative measure that you can begin taking right now.

Reduces Cancer Risks

As we brushed on earlier, olive leaf extract is key in treating cancer. Oleuropein has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels and inflammation, both of which are factors that contribute to all cancers. 

If you want to learn more health benefits of olive leaf extract or find the best deals on purchasing it, contact us! We’re here to help answer any specific inquiries you may have to ensure that you get the best possible natural remedies for any ailment.

Get Olive Leaf Extract Today

While there are a lot of ways to stay healthy, olive leaf extract is the best option out there. It’s completely natural as well as being an abundant resource, so you don’t need to worry about artificial preservatives or pesticides.

Now that you know the benefits of olive leaf extract, it’s time to get some so that you can start reaping those benefits. Click here to purchase inexpensive but high-quality lozenges that contain this extract. Perfect for on-the-go use, these lozenges can also assist with sore throats and coughing when you’re sick. Even when you aren’t sick, you’re sure to love sucking on them because of their delicious taste.

Stay healthy!

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