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At Great Earth, we are here to help you choose healthy living. With an accredited naturopath in every store, the best in quality health solutions and an extensive range of new and exclusive products, we have all that you need to live a healthier life. Find a health store near you.

Soul food your body will thank you for! Shop our latest range of naturally derived and organically sourced health food to restore your vitality and nourish your body from the inside out. 

As one of Australia’s largest health food stores and online distributors, behind the scenes, the team is continuously sourcing only the highest quality natural and organic health foods to help improve your quality of life.

A wide range of unique, organic health food products for every stage of life.  We carefully select the health foods that work to nourish your body and revitalise your mind; to keep you on your feet for whatever life throws at you. Choose from the variety of organic products including raw/whole foods, gluten-free, natural organic health products, superfoods, vegan and more. We understand the vital role of vitamins and minerals derived from nutrition in achieving everyday health and wellbeing.  As such, we only ever recommend the products and lifestyle practices that will help you build strong nutritional habits and improve your quality of life.


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From great knowledge, comes a great healthy lifestyle!  Your honest, go-to source for the latest and greatest in everything health-foods, natural beauty, sports nutrition and more.


Beat Inflammation the Natural Way with Turmeric Root

Understanding Inflammation: Is inflammation bad? Believe it or not, inflammation is a necessary part of healing! We commonly think of it in a negative light, due to its occurrence from

Everyday Health

Incredible Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

There are a plethora of health benefits of olive leaf extract to the extent that it can help treat almost all major medical issues. Read on to learn not only what olive leaf extract is but also the ways it can stop you from suffering.

Food and Nutrition

9 of the Best Echinacea Health Benefits

Native Americans have long used echinacea for treating ailments like toothaches, colds, coughs and even snake bites. It can also reduce symptoms of the flu and boost the overall immune system. As such, we already know it’s incredibly powerful.

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